Getting ready for bed I have a normal routine that involves talking on the phone, letting the dogs out and checking my facebook page, (not that I don’t check it enough during the day) .  But last night an article caught my eye. 

I love watching football!  I have been a football fan for as long as I can remember and of course I bleed PURPLE for the Kansas State University Wildcats!  The article that caught my eye happened to tie both my love of football and my love for the Wildcats together.  This article was about Jordy Nelson former KSU Football player and current Green Bay Packers player.  Jordy grew up on a rural Ks farm and his love for the farm is still strong!  I would have never guessed that Farm work is harder than Professional Football, but from what I understood in the article Jordy Nelson has to get used to farming all over again when he goes home during the off-season. 

If anyone would have asked me five years or so ago while I was in college if I would ever go back to work on the farm I would have said that it is possible but I think I’ll just teach instead.  I can even remember complaining about getting up at 5am just to chore and break ice and now I complain about getting out of bed by 6:30am to go to work!  I never thought I would say that I love the farm life, nor did I think that I would ever be back working in a Agriculture Job, but here I am and I’m loving every minute of it.

I am getting ready for another round of my Adopt-A-Farmer class again this month and I’m glad I can touch so many young lives with where their food comes from!  Hopefully this month of “Bread in a Bag” teaches them that bread doesn’t just come from the store, but they can easily make a loaf of bread to share with their family.

As I laced up my Double H boots this moring I was thinking that I was sure glad I get to wear matching boots, but also thinking beyond that to the point that I’m glad I was raised on a farm and the values of hard work and paitience were instilled in me while I grew up on my family farm and have a few things in common with a Professional Football player!  Hopefully one day I will have a child that will write about the advantages of growing up on a family farm, maybe one day I won’t be the only gal in cowgirl boots in this high heel society!   

My partner in crime for the Adopt-A-Farmer program, my sister Kristen! Teaching the 5th graders where their food comes from!








Teaching the 5th graders where their food comes from!