ImageThis weekend was very special for me, I was able to go home and help work cattle!  My Saturday started out getting up, eating breakfast and bundling up to head outside to help put up the electric fence.  I got to drive the 4-wheeler and place insulators on the fence posts while my brother stepped out the fence posts, and dad pushed the posts in the ground.  We were roping off a Milo stubble field so that the cows and their calves could enjoy some new nutrients plus in return giving the ground back nutrients.  This job only took us about an hour to an hour and a half.

After this was finished along with our lunch, my mom and I headed to town to be the “gophers” (we go for everything!)  Dad thought they might need more hot wire fence (which we found out after we got to town that dad and my brother didn’t need any more wire) plus my brother needed new jeans, (he has not had good luck with his jeans this week!) 

After the fence was all in place it was time to move the seven cows and they’re babies to their new home.  We had 10 people who were ready to help in some way to move the cattle, we had two people in our semi that was on one side of the old home’s gate, a person in my brothers truck that was attached to a goose-neck trailer on the other side of the gate.  (Our idea with this was to funnel the cows and calves to their new home, find out in a few if this actually works!)  I was in our mule (the 4-wheel drive one not the four legged one!) that was supposed to lead the cows and calves to the new home, they placed brome hay in the back of the mule so that the cows would follow me, while my dad and brother followed behind the cattle on four wheelers to make sure none of the cattle break away.

Once the cattle all got outside of the old home the plans began to change.  The first thing that went wrong was the cattle decided to detour to a different route, then we realized that the route the cattle was on did not have a gate, nor was the actual gate even open.  Without any harm to the cattle they broke a section of the hot-wire fence and made it safely to their new home, well all but one stubborn calf that got a special ride in the mule because he didn’t want to walk over on his own to be with his mom!

These are the days I miss about living in the high heel community and not in the cowgirl boot community, but also realize that this fun filled day may be coming to a screeching halt for some minors.  I’m keeping a positive outlook and am going to continue to share my story as the girl that wears cowgirl boots in a high heel world!!!